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chanters Chanters Up!

While learning new tunes, we use practice chanters until members are proficient with memorization, temp, & ensemble.  When the pipe major is ready, we move on to play tunes on pipes.

Pipes Up!

The piping circle allows us to listen to each other while watching our pipe major closely.
Typical Practice Session

Listen to the band during a typical rehearsal session.  Pipers & drummers work separately for the first portion of a rehearal, working out problem areas. The two groups then rehearse together, listening to each other so the band's "ensemble" brings a set to life.
The result of hours of practice & rehearsals!
St. Patrick's Day Peoria Parade 2013
st. andrews street fest
Having fun with St. Andrews' Pipe Band at their street fest in Springfield (September 2013)
Celtic Cross Pipes & Drums, Peoria IL

After the Heyworth Veteran's Day Parade
Welcome to the home of Central Illinois' oldest pipe band, Celtic Cross Pipes & Drums!  This year, we celebrate 50 years of piping and promoting Scottish heritage and music in the Peoria area! 

You've seen us in various Central Illinois parades, weddings, funerals, and the annual Peoria St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl.  We are so much more!

Celtic Cross was the opening act for Gaelic Storm in Bloomington, IL in October 2013.  Additionally, we were asked to perform the "Mingulay Boat Song" with Gaelic Storm.  (above)

We were honored to lead the procession of veterans through the Greater Peoria Airport for the Inaugural Greater Peoria Honor Flight in May 2013 and again for the 2nd Honor Flight September 2013.  (above video credit to Kayla Scheuer)

In March 2013, The Chieftains asked us to perform with their band during their concert in Bloomington.  (below)

On stage with The Chieftains
(tune is "An Dro")

March 2013 ~ Bloomington, IL

On stage with The Chieftains
(tune is "March to Battle")

March 2013 ~ Bloomington, IL

Of course we enjoy St. Patrick's Day!
Peoria St. Patrick's Day Parade 2012

Celtic Cross also participates in the MWPBA band competitions as a Grade V band.  Competitions keep the band always working to improve our playing, and forms a "camaraderie" among members.  We have a great time together!

Alma Highland Games 2011

We are honored to be invited to perform in the annual Grace Presbyterian Church "Family Christmas" in Peoria, IL. 

Grace Family Christmas 2012
(Highland Cathedral)


If you're interested in joining our dynamic group, we'd love to have you! 

Our purpose is to promote and teach the Scottish heritage of piping and drumming, and we have  a a great time doing it! 

We will teach you to play pipes or drums during our organized teaching sessions. 

If you already play the Great Highland Bagpipes or you are a drummer, we want YOU! 

Contact us
to find out how we can make your event more memorable!